From Action to Inclusion: Telstra's Disability Inclusion Plan

Early last year, I had the pleasure of attending the launch of Telstra's new 2017-2019 Disability Inclusion Plan. I was familiar with Telstra’s commitment to disability employment, but was not aware of the other ways in which the company was committed to creating a more accessible and inclusive community. Following the launch, I wanted to learn more, so I met with Kelly Schulz, Telstra’s Senior Advisor on Accessibility and Inclusion. Over coffee, Kelly shared some of her story, and described how the new inclusion plan would be implemented over the next two years.

Navigation Through the Nations: Transit Using Zoom

In this day and age we use our phones for just about everything. We check our emails, the time, how much we exercise (or not!), our social media account or just to read a book. I think the only thing my phone can’t do is make my bed or cook my dinner!

People always ask me how I find my way on different streets, and in particular, traveling on public transport. Like everyone else, I use my phone! I use my phone with screen magnification called Zoom which comes with all Apple devices.